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Let Us Give You an Edge!

Powered by AgriSompo North America, ASNA Edge provides market analysis and commentary critical to adding farm revenue opportunities. Complementing traditional insurance and private products, our team can give you the edge!

With a combined experience of over 50 years, Brooks York and Sterling Smith provide expert perspective on everything from agriculture market conditions, trading strategies, crop conditions, and weather to the geopolitical and global macro forces propelling today’s market.

ASNA Edge understands the day-to-day concerns farmers face and provide commentary and educational insights for farmers, agents, and the curious. Learn how combining crop insurance and innovative marketing strategies can make a difference for you.

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Daily, Digestible Podcasts

You can find ASNA Edge streaming daily through the Ag Market Brief and Livestock Market Brief podcasts. In only a few minutes, this daily commentary empowers you with key information for long-lasting impacts. 

Ag Market Brief

Our daily morning report is sent to you around 10 a.m. CT and provides the update on key grain and outside markets you need to start your day. This message is sent directly to your phone or email. With our new format, you can listen to the report at any time during the day.

Livestock Market Brief

Tune in daily for key information that’s important to your livestock operation, such as pricing and market trends.


Daily and Weekly Email Newsletters

Our team provides the latest market news directly to your inbox, alongside Sterling Smith's knowledgeable, easy-to-understand analysis. Click here to sign up.

ASNA Edge Daily

This daily email from our experts provides the latest market updates and ag industry news, including Sterling Smith's "Tech Tuesday" and "Export Thursday" special reports, and some strategies you may want to consider for your operation. Our agricultural and livestock market brief podcasts are also linked from the email each day.

Weekly Wrap Up

Sterling Smith’s popular Friday report brings together all the events of the week. He will explore topics such as market conditions, trading strategies, and weather, along with geo-political and global macro forces that are propelling the markets. 


Live Monthly Webinars

Our team has become well-known for their outstanding commentary and strategy discussions each month with the USDA’s WASDE report and the monthly marketing report. Click here to view recordings of our past webinars. 

WASDE Reports

Each month, the ASNA Edge team watches the release of the USDA's WASDE report and provides live commentary on market reactions. Click here to see the schedule and register.

Monthly Marketing Reports

The ASNA Edge team's monthly marketing report brings together the latest news about markets, weather, and crop insurance to help producers make the most informed decisions about their operations. Click here to see the schedule and register.

Special Reports

We also feature quarterly reports such as Prospective Planting (March), Acreage Report (June), and Grain Stocks (September). Occasionally, we hold webinars to cover major market events as they occur. Watch for notices of these and other special events in the ASNA Edge Daily and the Agent Update newsletter.