The Apiculture policy (API) provides a safety net for beekeepers' primary income sources: honey, pollen collection, wax, and breeding stock. Apiculture systems consist of different types of plants or crops and often contain mixtures of different species, each with different growth habits and seasons, precipitation requirements, and other climate conditions necessary to maintain plant growth over extended periods of time. 

This is an FCIC pilot program and reinsured risk management tool for producers who are dependent upon weather and other environmental factors for plant and forage growth which correlates to honey production. Apiculture insurance will be based on the same Rainfall Index (RI) methodologies and technologies which are currently utilized in the Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage program.

API offers coverage for a significant reduction in either the Vegetative Index or rainfall amount in a given geographic area (or grid) containing the insured property.

The Rainfall Index plan of insurance does not measure, capture, or utilize the actual crop production of any producer or any of the actual crop production within the grid. It utilizes NOAA CPC-gridded interpolated precipitation data and is not drought insurance. It does not insure against abnormally high temperatures or windy conditions.

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